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The Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation Award 2017 is sponsored by 8 West Consulting/SafeTrx

Safetrx is a vessel tracking smartphone application that fills a critical gap in the maritime situational awareness picture. SafeTrx gives rescue services access to data the skippers provide themselves as long as they are in range of a mobile network.

In case of an emergency, the MRCC can use the stored data to support search missions. Sometimes the information we get on missing leisure boats is very poor. We are sure that SafeTrx can help to close this gap and will be of great support to locate people who need assistance, and it will minimise false alerts from family members that we often get if crews are overdue.

Website: www.safetrxapp.com


The Maritime SAR Team Award 2017 is sponsored by Orolia/McMurdo

Orolia/McMurdo group is the global leader in search and rescue and maritime domain awareness solutions. Sponsoring the H.E.R.O. Team Award, Orolia/McMurdo want to recognise the whole ecosystem involved, when search and rescue is needed.

Individuals working in teams, teams working with teams, coordinators collaborating with rescuers all linked by technology and systems designed to deliver the best possible outcome for those in distress.

Website: www.mcmurdogroup.com

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The Innovation and Technology in Maritime Search and Rescue Award 2017 is sponsored by Pole Star

Pole Star is a privately owned, London headquartered technology company developing innovative SaaS software solutions and APIs for the maritime, banking & finance and government sectors.

For nearly 20 years they have offered the maritime industry cutting edge vessel tracking, as well as SSAS and LRIT conformance testing solutions: Ship Tracking; SSAS Management; Risk Insight; LRIT Conformance; Counter Piracy and MRV Compliance by Pole Star. Finance Markets & Compliance: They help their clients in the banking, trade & commodity sectors to manage their financial crime risk with advanced sanctions screening and vessel monitoring solutions: PurpleTRAC and Ship Tracking. Government: Their government clients benefit from comprehensive end-to-end service and the highest levels of reliability, redundancy and scalability: LRIT ASP & Data Centre; Fisheries VMS and Hali.

Website: www.polestarglobal.com



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If you are attending the Awards Dinner the IMRF and the RNLI have the following recommendations for hotels that are in the local area.

The rates for these hotels vary from £39-£130 per night, so we strongly recommend that you book early to achieve the best rate. 

Please note: Attendees of the IMRF H.E.R.O. Awards are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

Map of Poole - United Kingdom

Map of Poole - United Kingdom

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H.E.R.O. Awards 2017 Dinner

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The H.E.R.O. Awards Dinner is part of the H.E.R.O. Awards 2017 Ceremony and part of the European Regional Meeting 2017.

Below we provide specific information regarding the H.E.R.O. Awards Dinner 2017's menu, and is meant as a reference for the Award and European Meeting delegates.

The menu is followed by tea/coffee and petits fours.

Salmon terrine, cucumber mayonnaise, crostini
Herb roasted chicken breast with a thyme jus
Glazed lemon tart with crème fraîche
*** *** ***
Mushroom and tarragon soup with garlic croutons (v) Pan-seared salmon with pecan and orange  Cantuccini and white chocolate cheesecake, frozen strawberry yogurt
*** *** ***
Chicken liver parfait with beetroot and watercress Roast squash with spinach, chickpeas and halloumi (v) British cheese selection

(v) Suitable for vegetarians

Allergy advice

If you are allergic or intolerant to any food, please let us know by indicating it in the RSVP part of this invitation.

Whilst the RNLI endeavours to avoid any cross contamination, when processing a specific allergen free order, their kitchen does not have a specific allergen free zone.

Deep fried wheat and gluten dishes will use the same fryers in the kitchen as dishes not containing these ingredients – there may be a risk of cross contamination, which could affect extremely sensitive sufferers.

For more information about any of their dishes please ask a member of the RNLI College team by e-mailing to private_events@rnli.org.uk, or phone +44 (0)1202 663489.

Ceremony Details

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The Ceremony

The Ceremony

The H.E.R.O. Awards 2017 winners will be announced on 2 November 2017 at a special dinner being held at the RNLI College in Poole, Dorset, UK. The ceremony is on invitation only.

The IMRF will be announcing the winners of: 

miniimrflogo The Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation H.E.R.O. Award
miniimrflogo The Outstanding Team Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation H.E.R.O. Award
miniimrflogo The Innovation and Technology in Maritime Search and Rescue H.E.R.O. Award
miniimrflogo The Vladimir Maksimov Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Maritime SAR Sector H.E.R.O. Award
miniimrflogo The Local H.E.R.O. Award 
miniimrflogo The People’s Choice H.E.R.O. Award

Dress Code

Dress Code

The dress code is business formal.

More Information

More Information

If you have any other queries or need further information, please e-mail us at hero@imrf.org.uk, or phone +44 (0) 1569 767405.


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